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Self introduction

My name is Mery Muñoz , rollerblading is what I do. I skate mostly in the street, depends of the city, nearly every day. Teaching blading, filming or just chillin with friends.

How did you begin ?

My First contact was with the Film Blink! . Loved the idea of jumping and grinding everywhere. Went to the street to try it. With 13, i moved back to Bilbao and met the Bilbaorollers, amazed by the high level here, got even more motivated to keep blading and progressing with the friends. 

Other activities

Used to play Tennis and compete when I was little. I love all sports where you can challenge yourself. Use to Bodyboard in Tenerife and Bilbao for some years too. 


Right now filming a Bladies street video in Barcelona. 

Those who inspire her

Chris Haffey

About the Unlabelled project

The important thing for me in the Unlabelled project is promoting Rollerblading to get more people into the sport, espacially bringing together the girls.

Sponsors and support

Powerslide, Kaltik frames, supported by Alk 13 and Wicked Audio


What do you like in contests ?

When it comes to competition, i ́ve been learning to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the last years, better than being totally centered in the contest. Spending time with the friends from other countries in every event is one of the best things about the blade fam.

Contests Results

1st Winterclash 2017 Girls Category
2nd FISE Montpellier 2016
2nd Blading Cup Los Ángeles 2015 3rd Winterclash Holland 2015
2nd Pow Wow Florida 2015
2nd Winterclash Holland 2014




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