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United States

Self introduction

I was born in S. Korea, raised mostly in Arizona. I've lived in Arizona, Oregon, California, & Connecticut. I have traveled to quite a few places in the states and now I can add other countries under my belt. I'm back living on the Oregon Coast then who knows where my next journey will take me. I love to be outdoors and travel. I really just skate, work, & travel. Live simple & travel! I try to skate wherever. Street or park and in whatever state or country I'm in at that moment.

How did you begin ?

I started aggressive skating pretty much in High School. I had dabbled on blades recreationally a little know, at the skate rink parties your school has.."put your left foot in, put your left foot out.." My first pair of skates were generic "aggressive" skates you can find at a sports store. Then after skating those, bought a pair of Razor Superflat 2s that were on sale at Sk8House (RIP). After that my life changed, tricks were easier to learn with proper aggressive skates. After a while of skating alone at skateparks some dudes started to recognize me. It was great to skate with them; we all just did good ol blading (meet at the park 8am, eat, street, end back at a park 9pm.) I was fortunate enough to be in AZ when Revolution Skate Shop moved to AZ. It really brought the AZ blade community a "home" (a home inside that 120 degree weather ha.) Shout out to James and Gretchen! AZ also had a power house of bladers and was lucky to have lived in the state with the French Bros, Billy Lannom, JB Snyder, Dustin Latimer, etc. Some great bladers come out of AZ, I mean it is one of the best places to skate in the USA...well at least the winter time

Other activities

I enjoy surfing, hiking, skimboard, longboard, sandboard...most board sports actually but never got into skateboarding. But being outdoors is important in my life!


I feel like I'm involved in many projects and ideas. There is Unlabelled Girls and will try my hardest being the US ambassador for UNL. Also a new new in the works with some New York friends with a bladies project, and some stuff here and there. Typically most projects are with working on bladies content and helping promote the girls scene.

Those who inspire her

All the female bladies out there! I always loved seeing Fab, Martina, Katie Ketchum skate. The UNL girls are fire! And gotta shout out to my girl Coco Sanchez for always having some of the best blade days with her!

About the Unlabelled project

UNL Girls is a great project and support system for other female athletes and artists. A project showing the positive side of sport and art with a professional style in the way we present women.

Sponsors and support

I've never been "sponsored" but i've always had a lot of support from different brands and shops that i am thankful for.


What do you like in contests ?

For me, I never skate to win, I skate because the girl sessions are uplifting and extremely fun for me. I do love competing because it's not often you get to skate with girls from around the world all doing the things we love.

Contests Results

I've competed in a couple contests...never won...maybe placed 2nd-4th in majority of contests I've done. I have never competed in a big contest before either. 




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