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Self introduction

My name is Precilia aka Precy, I blade since more than 10 years now. In the beginning, i wanted to participate to contests, travel, ride a lot of skateparks and so on... but due to different injuries, I had to take other orientations to invest myself in my passion for skating. I’m a teacher and founder at the Roll'School association (Montpellier, France) I transmit my passion and develop the blading scene on the national level with the "Girls Welcome" label, the planning of the national circuit of contests with the FFRS (French Federation of Roller Sports) and I also judge some competitions. I skate mainly in Montpellier, once or twice a week.

How did you begin ?

One day at the Mac Donald's of Orange (Vaucluse, France), i’ve seen a mom very glad saying «Look what my daughter’s doing», i was curious and seen that girl on the skatepark, it’s was so stylish... i’ve seen a young (Jules Pigerol) skate, it’s was awesome... afterwhile, i began on a parking lot and then skated the skatepark...

What else do you do ?

No, my passion is cats ^^

Do you have projects going ?

I got different hats... but in the same style ^^ I’m involved in the core of the French Federation of Roller Sport : i’m in charge of the development of street skating meaning the circuit of competitions in France. The idea is to create a link between the different contests and dynamise the scene so there’s a succession. We created the "Girls Welcome" label to incite sportive organisation in France to valorize the girls scene. That valorization goes through communication, price moneys and so on. Always in the same dynamic, i’ve impulsed the opening of girls categories on the FISE World (Roller/Skate/BMX,...) in the framework of my studies. Roll'School : I run an associative project as well as i can called Roll’School, a school that has the goal of teaching and support riders in their passion. We try to promote our discipline and make sure riders can live their passion to the fullest.

What do you want to share with Unlabelled ?

The Unlabelled project tight in with my values : sharing, motivation, no borders..... bring upfront the female scene. Girls push forward another lifestyle around extreme sports. On the media side, i think we show often the trashy side of the sports and with the girls, the image is different.

My favorite skates are the ©Rollerblade, no choice though, brand got to know that we need smaller size too... even with Seba, it’s hard to get a pair.

Who support you ?

Unkut, Roll'School


What do you like in contests ?

Currently, I like to spend good times with the bladers, though if I had the level and trust in myself, I would participate more to competitions cause when you skate during these events you want to give the best of yourself. I’m just worried a lot about injuries for my daily life. 

Did you win contests or awards ?

Girls category : it’s been a long time but the one that stays in my mind is the 1st place @ Woodward in 2008. I’m not in that dynamic of competition anymore, i should come back to it but time flies so fast.



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