If you have a school or a team of girls who skate, you can now become an Unlabelled Girls Affiliate.

What is an affiliate and why should we apply ?

Unlabelled Girls began as an intent of putting the girls of skating on a map and create and share media content to dynamise the scene. This objective is now achieved but we want to do even more for the girls.

What we can do for the affiliates :

  • Your school or team will be referenced on our website, with a profile and links to your social media
  • We promote your events, competitions or camps, on our website and social media*
  • You will be able to participate to our internal projects and get known by other schools and teams
  • Your school or team receives 20% on every order made on www.unlabelled-store.com and free shipping in some cases**

* Subject to approval and guidelines, publishing fees may apply
** Free shipping depends on order value and your location

To apply, email info@unlabelled-girls.com


- What does it cost to become an affiliate?
Nothing, it’s free as long as you use the #unlabelledgirls and stay active

- What is the minimum order to become an affiliate?
None, orders in the webshop are not mandatory

- What are the publishing fees of my event?
Publishing fees apply to events in which money is generated, even if it's under the name of a non-profit organisation as this is considered as a deductible charge for your promotion. The fees are calculated based on the number of publications, the platforms used and the number of followers of each platform. Nonetheless, if you are a small group that begins and need promotion for a local event, it's free as long as you put our logo on your communication supports and tag us in the description of your event.


Have more questions / need more info?
WhatsApp +34.633.761.802 or info@unlabelled-girls.com

We speak English / Nous parlons Français / Hablamos Espanõl